Iolaire Centre site feasibility work set to get underway

Investigation work will shortly get underway in Stornoway on Tuesday 9th November to establish site feasibility for the building of an Iolaire Centre on No.1 Pier.

The exploratory work is a crucial element in the Iolaire Centre development process and is being viewed as a significant milestone for the project.

The site feasibility work at the No.1 Pier car park will require a temporary closure of car parking spaces for a limited period of around 2 to 3 weeks.  The timing of the work coincides with what is traditionally viewed as a quieter time of year in comparison to the busier summer months.

Following successful completion of investigative work, the project will then be able to progress to a more detailed design and planning stage.

Commenting on this major step forward, Iolaire Centre Project Manager Lynne Maciver:

“This latest milestone signals a huge move forward for the Iolaire Centre.  We are at a key point in the process now and it presents us with an excellent opportunity to understand the viability of No.1 pier as a site location.”

Lynne added: “We are confident that this site investigation work is going to take us closer to realising the ambition.  Not only do we see the Iolaire Centre as being a place of lasting commemorative introspection and a hub for the community, but also as a world-class visitor experience. The Centre has the potential to provide a major, transformational, economic boost for the Islands and support a positive view towards the future.”

The Iolaire Centre Working Group has acknowledged that the necessary closure of the car park may result in some inconvenience for residents and visitors to the town.  However, it is working closely with engineering contractors and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar to ensure that any disruption is limited.

Browse the website for further information on how to get involved and to stay up to date on progress of this exciting development.

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