Become a Founding Sponsor

As with any world-class public charitable project, there is the need and scope for high-level Corporate Sponsorship. The Iolaire Centre project is no different and we seek to attract between five and ten founding sponsors.

The Iolaire tragedy is an event which not only caused a profound impact in the Hebrides, it is an event of enormous National significance and through this initiative and others will become embedded in our national history. It is part of our DNA and is a story which warrants telling sensitively but powerfully.

We hope you will feel that you can and should support this project and be part of moving the recognition of the event into our mainstream national history.

Our ambitious target for the Iolaire Centre is to have up to 100,000 visitors per year and be a world-class visitor experience rating amongst the top in Scotland. We hope that you or your company will see real value in supporting this and we will work with you to deliver a value package that can warrant your support.

This type of Founding Sponsorship can be customised to a range of contributions and customised benefits can be agreed but they are likely to include exclusive product placement, prominent recognition on the web site and all printed and promotional material, inclusive use of the centre facilities and entrance along with discounted rates on all facilities.

In order to help fund the build of the centre and to give surety to large corporate sponsors, we can agree pledges and customised payments based on project milestones among many other options.

The Gael Force Group has initially pledged a six figure sum to the project over the four years which are anticipated to be the required lead time to project completion.

Please contact us and we can discuss how you or your company may become one of our Founding Sponsors.

Please also complete the “Support the Project” page on the site leaving any comment which you wish to.