Consultation Feedback

Summary of Iolaire Centre Project Community Feedback Survey

The survey was taken from all respondents who input directly into the ‘Survey Monkey’ survey and those that provided feedback forms at the open day based on the same survey questions, which was set up to capture community feedback on the initial basic vision for the project to build an Iolaire Visitor Centre located on the No.1 Quay in Stornoway.

Overall, we had 292 respondents which is just over 1.4% of the whole population of Lewis and Harris. The feedback on the project concept as initially proposed is overwhelmingly positive with 91.44% of respondents giving unqualified support for the principle and a similar amount (91.96%) for the vision and scope of the project (Questions 1 & 3).

The analysis of the 8.56% of respondents who do not support the project as initially proposed provided the Iolaire Working Group with critical feedback that any open consultation would hope for.

Below are the summary responses as taken from the survey.